On October 14th 1066 England was conquered.

The Normans won a long, bloody battle and the legend goes that the king at the time, Harold, was killed by getting an arrow to the eye.

Hastings is where I was born. 

Hastings is also where the battle happened.  

Feeling inspired by women and wanting to help empower,

1066bitch was born. 

Women conquer everyday. They are brave, bold, creative, lovers, independent, and most of all, they are badass bitches. 

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"The word bitch can mean many things but ultimately for me I feel like it represents sisterhood, strength and “Nah, I won’t take your bullshit”... It probably sounds weird to some folks because the word bitch has been used to degrade women for so long but I think that’s all the more reason to turn it around into something positive..." 

   -Pa Dong

hastings, enlgand

minneapolis, minnesota